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Brand Strategy

TExplorer or caregiver? Lover or champion? Sage or magician? You might not think of your brand as a classic archetype, but high-performing brands like Disney, Home Depot and Volvo do. And you should, too. Doing so will help you build a solid brand strategy foundation that informs the rest of your marketing so you can move forward knowing you’re delivering the right brand persona, position, UVPs and message to the right audience.

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brand strategy elements:
  • brand positioning

    conduct a brand assessment and audit, including interviews with key stakeholders, employees and customers, to identify the most important value you deliver to your customers and distill into a concise brand position statement

  • audience segmentation

    analyze and research your customers’ expectations, needs and motivators and align your messaging around it

  • brand planning

    interpret the data we collected and determine how it informs your brand’s path forward


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Do you build games?

We put together a dev team to help build games, but oyu are in full control 100% of the time as to how your game is built

How long until my game is live?

Some games take a week, some take a month and the rare game takes upto a year.

How do my games make money?

Some are paid downloads and some get revenue from ads.

Do I own the game ones done?

Yes, the game is yours. We do require the game to be in our control until its paid off. But after that, you can do what you want with it.

What if I just need marketing?

we have marketing only packages you an pick from

Do you sell my information?

Nope, Never and not once!